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Wireless Technologies


GSM / GPRS / 3G / LTE/ RF / GPS Embedded Modules


GPRS Modules3G ModulesLTE / 4G ModulesGPS ModulesCDMA ModulesRF ModulesMini PCIe Cards

The Telit range of embedded GPRS modules, 3G modules and 4G Modules offer a large variety of products to suit your requirements. Telit's range of modules cater for wireless communication over GPRS, 3G, CDMA, 4G (LTE) or RF frequencies (including SIGFOX), being available in several different form factors and connector types including LGA, BGA, VQNF and connectorised variants.


Mot by Telit embedded GPRS - 3G- JAVA - CMDA including the G24, G24 JAVA, G30 and H24 3G module with GPS. GPRS modules for M2M applicaions and embedded board level solutions.


GPRS / 3G / LTE Routers


GPRS Routers3G RoutersLTE / 4G Modules

Specialising in the design and development of industrial M2M products, InHand have been producing high quality, industrial GPRS routers, 3G routers & LTE routers which have received great praise from our customers. These industrial cellular routers are available for GPRS and 3G networks with either 1 or 4 Ethernet ports, Open VPN functionality and an online device management portal.

Virtual Access

Virtual Access specialise in industrial M2M technology, with devices including 3G and 4G routers that are designed for use in outdoor equipment and cabinets at roadsides, substations and remote telemetry locations. Applications include SCADA, telemetry, security, emergency services and other critical infrastructure.

MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial IoT ? connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. Their commitment to quality and service excellence means you can count on MultiTech products and people to address your needs, while their history of innovation ensures you can stay ahead of the latest technology with a partner who will be there for the life of your solution.



KC Wirefree Bluetooth Modules

Class 1 Bluetooth ModulesClass 2 Bluetooth ModulesBluetooth Audio ModulesBluetooth Serial AdaptersBluetooth Device ServersBluetooth USB

Certified Class 1 and 2 Bluetooth Modules with high data rate. Various antenna options available. Up to 14 general purpose I/O. ARM7 Core 48MHz, full AT command set. Custom Modules and firmware are also available. Audio Modules - to support a range of audio profiles, 32KHz Stereo and 32KHz Mono back.

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Certified Class 1 and 2 Bluetooth modules plus a range of external plug and play serial adapters. Bluetooth Servers are also available for Bluetooth Marketing applications. Sena Wi-Fi Embedded Server modules, Dual port device servers. Serial to Wi-Fi device servers, RS232 and RS485.


M2M SIM Cards

Adaptive M2M SIM card

Created with M2M module data and applications in mind Adaptive M2M SIM cards come complete with access to JASPER online management portal, giving you an unprecidented amount of control and information about your devices and data transfers. Plus with no fixed term contracts and global cellular coverage you are able to give your application the most flexibility yet.

Sim Cards

Fixed IP Addressing over a Private or Public APN, Peer to Peer, two way connectivity, Transfer acceleration and compression technology, Data encryption technology, Access and management of data via a public or Private IP Web Page, Access and user control, SIM Management, device connection management traffic analysis, VPN protocol management, fraud control.


GSM / GPRS / 3G / GPS Boxed Modems

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GPRS Modems3G ModemsHeritage ModemsProgrammable Modems

GSM / GPRS Maestro 100 series is the perfect solution for demanding M2M applications. Maestro 100 modems are Quad band and Full Type Approved, making them immediately usable worldwide. Full AT command set (WAC). The new Maestro Heritage modems come with an option board for I/O.

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Gatetel are developers and manufactures of GPS, GSM, UMTS, GNSS terminals, making use of Telit?s extensive range of GSM, RF and GNSS modules. They provide Full-Turnkey solution service including: software design, circuit design, PCB design, assembly, QC testing, mechanical design, packaging and certifications, making them a leading M2M solution provider.

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Owasys supply M2M GPS / GPRS / GSM / M2M systems complete with Zigbee / MicrelNET Master Slave node technology. I/O - CANBUS, RS232/RS485 - Ethernet options. ARM7-ARM9 Cores, Linux operating system with API's.

RFI Engineering

The G-router (GSM/GRPS smart data router) and the C-router (CDMA smart data router) are both designed as an intelligent wireless data transmitter, which can be effectively deployed in sensor networks, smart metering and monitoring applications. Data can be transmitted in "Push" or "Pull" mode, stored and aggregated along preset criteria. The wireless technology will bring immediate benefits such as online connections plus cost efficient, high-speed data transmission.


Embedded Computers


Wi-Fi HotspotsIndustrial Wi-FiOutdoor Wi-FiSecure Wi-FiWireless Controllers

Specialising in a wide range of industrial fanless computers, applied panel PCs and embedded computing Nexcom provide comprehensive solutions for industries including facility management, machinery automation, kiosks and digital advertising.



Bointec Wi-Fi Modules

Wi-Fi ModulesWi-Fi Mini PCIe Cards

Bointec have a broad wireless technology product line, offering a range of WiFi products which include Wi-Fi modules, USB and mini PCIe connector formats. Their product line up also includes ranges of 3G and GPS modules, cards and dongles, ensuring that we can have you project requirements covered.


Industrial Ethernet


Industrial PoE SwitchesIndustrial Wireless Access PointsRedundant Ring SwitchesUnmanaged Switches

With a selection of unmanaged, redundant ring and PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches available we have all of the tools to provide rugged and reliable networking solutions that can be implemented in vast array in industries.


M2M Solutions


M2M communication products for any remote machine, device or equipment. Modems, routers and web-based telemetry systems that provide connectivity, control and management of remote equipment. Gain access to real-time data to respond quickly to alarm conditions, diagnose problems and report status.


Telit MOT H24 3G Module wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions & products
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